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I’ve been working with Patrick for years, first as a colleague, and afterwards as a contractor in the supply chain area. Patrick has a very clear understanding of the business, not only theoretical but also practical. He’s pragmatic and due to his experience and  his good  knowledge of the market (huge relationship database), he is able to propose rapidly several candidates with high potential and to give the customer the opportunity to find out the best profile for the position.  The files and interviews are handled on a professional way to ensure best solution !

- Supply Chain Director Benelux & Germany

Putting the right person in the right place has always been an important challenge for the HR profession, but in today’s context of rapid business transformation  I would call it the critical success factor for many organizations.  If one needs to fill a key position, and the right person is not available internally,  the search becomes equally critical and a partner is needed that understands the profession and it’s labor market , yet also takes the effort to understand your business, your organization and the roles within. Our experience with Grindstone SC² is exactly to have found this level of partnership, and the confirmation of that comes many months after the hiring process, when the new hire is happily and successfully making the difference for your organization.  Truly value adding HR service !

HR Manager

As I do for my team and myself, I set high standards for the service providers we work with every day. In this case, that means that I want a professional recruitment partner to know and understand our business and it’s challenges, in order to be able

  • to guarantee added value to the process and result
  • to challenge and help define our needs for the job in terms of knowledge, competences, personality, today and for the future
  • to provide the right solution for our company - fast, to the point and on budget

In Grindstone SC² we have found a partner who works like that.
They take the time to listen to our questions, understand our company values & bring real solutions to the table.
They have an excellent network, all candidates we saw were remarkably well informed, we received clear and in-depth status & interview reports and at the end of the process, we were left with the difficult task to choose between 2 excellent candidates.

Mission accomplished, job well done !

- Supply Chain Director

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