Talent Search for Supply Chain & Logistics Functions

Grindstone SC² is one of the very few recruitment partners in Belgium that is 100% focused on Supply Chain & Logistics profiles.

Grindstone SC² helps to hire and integrate business-critical Logistics & Supply Chain talent swiftly and effectively.

Through our focus, expertise and experience, we proactively build an up-to-date network of Logistics & Supply Chain professionals (management, experts & business critical support functions) every day, we strive for long term relationships with clients and candidates and we offer high added value in a difficult market, at very competitive conditions.

At Grindstone SC² we know our business and do our homework so you can focus on your business - as you can rightfully expect from a professional service provider:

  • Precise understanding of what your expectations are (function & candidate profile), and of what you offer in return
  • Head start recruitment using our elaborate network of candidates and in-depth knowledge of the market and the industry (short time to result)
  • No extra workload of unscreened and irrelevant CV’s (significant time-saving for you)
  • Clear communication from the start with operations and HR (manage expectations & cristal clear processes in all phases of the recruitment)
  • Strong selection of the right candidate for your organisation as the base for a long term relationship between employer & employee (limit personnel turnover and associated costs)
  • Resulting in swift & efficient integration of the best/right candidate

This is where we really make a difference.

Are you fed up with recruiters not or barely understanding your business ?
Are you fed up with recruiters sending you CV's without having done their homework ?

Thanks to our focus, we don't have to re-invent the world the moment we start your assignment.
We give your search a head start !

With the velocity of today's markets, if the right people and their talents aren't already in the company, rapidly finding and integrating them is critical, today, and even more so tomorrow.

We not only aim for an equitable and long term employment contract between you and your final candidate, we make sure that all candidates we present to you, have the profile you are looking for in terms of knowledge, competences & spirit, understand what is expected of them in their new function and new company, understand what you are offering in terms of conditions, company culture, organizational structure, future development, training opportunities, ...

Reality ! No more, no less.
So that the psychological contract between both parties is clear and strong, right from the start.

We will go the extra mile for excellent results.
We are your reliable partner for value added staffing in Supply Chain, Transportation & Logistics.

Our track record:

  • 100% successfull missions
  • 100% short time to result
  • 100% of our candidates are still at their new employer

Contact us for a first discussion about what we can do for you.
We will definitely deliver !