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For a clock to work, you need each part to fit. We find the people who make your supply chain run like clockwork.

Logistics and Supply Chain are specific trades with very specific challenges

The right talent is the talent that will succeed in your organization, not just look good on a resume. To recruit the right talent, recruiters must understand the organization, industry, job responsibilities and company culture

- Ryan Schreiber, director of engagement at carrierdirect


Finding the right talent is all about understanding your specific Logistics & Supply Chain needs.

To solve the challenges you are up against and to build the organization you need.

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for candidates

Finding the right company for you is all about taking time to understand who you are, professionally and personally

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for freelancers

Finding the right match between the challenges of a company and your fields of expertise, is all about understanding where you can make a difference.

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At grindstone

  • we love Logistics & Supply Chain
  • we make sure to understand the challenges and opportunities Logistic Operations & Supply Chains are and will be facing
  • we acknowledge that every company has its own specific characteristics
  • we know that this leads to very specific Logistic & Supply Chain needs
  • we are convinced that the right people (will) make the difference
  • we are your partner in the search for the right talent for your Logistics & Supply Chain needs

Grindstone is built on the expertise and experience of its team and on the knowledge of the competences, skills, personality and personal aspirations of the professionals we work with.
The specific needs, context and corporate culture of our clients are the basis of every mission.
Real and long term solutions are our only objective.

We aim to be the preferred partner for high quality staffing in Supply Chain & Logistics, always striving for long term solutions and a long term relationship with every client and every candidate.

Why grindstone


Because Logistics and Supply Chain are specific trades with very specific challenges and specific staffing needs

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Because finding the right talent for your company is about understanding what you need.

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Because our team has a unique combined background in Supply Chain, Logistics and HR

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