For freelancers



At Grindstone we are 100% focused on Supply Chain & Logistics. If those are your domains of expertise, we should talk.
  • we take time to listen & understand what you want and where we can make a difference, together
  • we take time to listen & understand what our clients want and where the real challenges lie, so we can guarantee real solutions, together
  • we give you all the information you need to fully understand the company and the assignment, to be fully prepared for an interview and to be able to decide to take on the assignment, together
  • we make sure to have a clear vision on what our client is looking for and define the mission mandate for the assignment, together
  • If needed we will adapt the objectives, together
  • We will guarantee the results, together
  • we are in this for the long run
We understand Logistics & Supply Chain in your business. We find the right talent for your challenges. We guarantee the long term solution.


  • we make sure that the mission, the mandate, the agreements & commitments are crystal clear before we start
  • we defend your interests as a freelancer
  • we are at your side and follow up intensely with you and with the client
  • we are there for you for whatever question you might have
  • we make sure that all commitments are honoured
  • we put our network at your disposal when you need it


No sugar coating.
No beating around the bush.

Let’s be the best we can be.
Life is too short for anything else.


The challenges of working as a freelancer

Being a freelancer is all about freedom, variety, great challenges, having an impact. It’s fun. It’s interesting.
It’s about using your expertise to really make a difference.
There is also a challenging part though: being on your own as an external manager, being sometimes in the difficult position of defending your own interests, making sure that all commitments are honoured, staying focused on the agreed objectives, … and most of all finding those new and exciting assignments.