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Supply Chain & Logistics functions are fast evolving & very company specific. Having the right talent will make the difference.

Understanding your needs
It’s not a game of trial & error.

It’s not about the number of candidates.
It’s not about a quick fix.
Finding the right talent is a deliberate process based on the in-depth comprehension of the solutions you need.

So you can rightfully expect your recruitment & interim management partner to understand what your Logistics & Supply Chain challenges are and what the real and complete story is behind your functions or projects.

Quality of hire and ROI
  • understanding what the right talent is
  • knowing where to find that right talent
  • being able to onboard that right talent
  • making sure that right talent stays with you
  • solid matches and long term relations
  • with the future of your company in mind

We understand Logistics & Supply Chain in your business. We find the right talent for your challenges. We guarantee the long term solution.


The right talent is the talent that is fully in line with the characteristics that make your company unique:

Your mission & vision, your strategy & policies, your culture and values, your structure, your processes and systems, your activities, your products & services, your customers, your history, your current situation and your plan for the future.

Not only the job description but your story and your intention behind the function.

The right talent will have the combination of
  • the right knowledge (or ability to obtain it fast)
  • the right competences (or ability to obtain them fast)
  • the right personality
  • the right motivation
  • the right personal aspirations

The right talent is not only about what’s written in a resume. It’s about the head & heart that will succeed in your company.