Whether you need to implement new logistic processes, open a new distribution centre, transform your transport set-up, introduce supply chain management in your company, optimize your results, restructure your organization, ….  sometimes you need additional knowledge, expertise, experience, skills, competences, or simply extra manpower for a specific period of time or a specific project.
The right Interim Manager will bring you all that, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Real added value, flexibility, focus, speed, with a fresh, experienced perspective to get your problem solved.
In order to make sure you get the right help, Grindstone will support you from start to finish:
  • clearly define the problem(s) & objectives
  • assess & determine the interim manager’s profile for success
  • propose only the right candidate(s) for the job
  • onboard the best candidate for the job
  • close follow-up by subject matter experts
  • support the interim manager where needed
Don’t miss out on the right talent!


  • A vast and living network of experienced Logistics & Supply Chain professionals
  • Specialist knowledge of Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Executive experience in Change Management
  • 100% successful missions in IM
  • In-depth intake in order to really solve the problem(s) you are up against
  • Results!
  • Expert support
  • Focus, reliability and ethics are at the core of who we are.
  • Delivering high-end solutions for every assignment is what we commit to.
  • A strong network of clients, candidates and freelancers are our credentials.